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This place sure is cozy and romantic, as the restaurant name emphasizes on the amount of customers it can hold. We stumbled across this place on a cold, rainy day being the only ones to be in there at that hour. It was quiet and dark inside, as it slowly started to fill up after quite some time.

Their take on the escargot was quite interesting with the mushroom and garlic cream sauce, as it paired very well together. The sauce wasn’t overpowering and went so well with the escargot that I even used their yummy bread to finish all the sauce with! The lamb shank which the waitress had recommended was quite tender covered with lots of herb flavor. However, the hanger steak wasn’t so strong of a tastem and more on the tad of a sweeter side since the sauce base composed of shallots. The crème brûlée was bigger than the usual portion and tasted as expected. As for the volcano chocolate cake, it lacked cake texture and that rich, chocolate flavor.


Address: 168 Ave B, New York, NY 10009

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Cassolette d’Escargots aux Champignons – Snails in Mushrooms and Garlic Cream ($14.00)

Onglet aux Echalottes – Hanger Steak in Shallot Sauce with Gratin Dauphinois and Greens ($25.00)

Jarret d’ Agneau – Lamb Shank Cooked in Red Wine & Herbs ($25.00)

Crème Brûlée ($9.00)

Fondant au Chocolat – Chocolate Volcano Cake with Vanilla Ice Cream ($9.00)

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Mimi’s Hummus

Whoever said all the good things can’t be healthy? Hummus is a nutritional delight packed with lots of omega 3, protein, and good fat for your body. Mimi’s hummus is a cozy, small hidden gem with a very sweet owner who shows true passion through her food. You can taste how fresh, thick, and creamy the Tahini hummus is paired with the lemon garlic dressing, which gives it that citrus kick that wasn’t overly powering. As for the meat hummus, the meat was nice and flavorful which makes it super tasty. Best of all, the pita was nicely warm and made the hummus even yummier.

It is quite a unique way to have the sunny side eggs in their specialty tomato stew versus having it in the traditional dry way. The stew is super flavorful loaded with tons of yummy seasoning, along with chunky tomatoes. I liked how they cooked and served it in the cast iron skillet, which helped retain the heat for a long time. It made it a bit harder to enjoy on a hot summer day since I was waiting for it to cool off, but it would be great on a cold day. Moving on to the stuffed filo dough, the ground beef mixed with strong spices in the filo dough, with the green tahini makes it much more interesting. Here’s a healthy meal that you can truly enjoy, without compromising your belly!

Address: 1209 Cortelyou Rd, Brooklyn, NY 11218

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Tahini Hummus – Homemade tahini & pine nuts with lemon garlic dressing ($8.00)

Meat Hummus – Ground beef & pine nuts ($9.00)

Traditional shakshuka – Morroccan style tomato stew with sunny side eggs ($11.00)

Stuffed filo dough ground beef & spices with beet salad & green tahini ($12.00)

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Zutto Japanese American Pub

Calling all ramen lovers who love that heavy, super flavorful broth with their noodles! This is definitely the place you have to visit if you are looking for that versus the super light broth. It is very tasty as the first bite you take hits your tongue with tremendous flavors, but not being overly salty that it overpowers the toppings and noodles. It is highly recommended if you are looking for the type of ramen with the ultra kick in heavy soup broth.

Don’t forget to try the steamed buns, with four different choices to choose from such as pork belly, kobe beef, shorts ribs and portabella. The meat of both the pork belly and short ribs were both so juicy and tender, as the fluffy buns went so well with them. Best part was the different sauces used to pair the buns, which made it much more unique. The sushi is super fresh and tasty too, but was way too satisfied and full from the yummy ramen.


Address: 77 Hudson St, New York, NY 10013

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Pork belly steamed buns w/ lettuce & miso mayo x2 ($9.00)

Short ribs steamed buns w/ spicy fermented cabbage $ tobanjan mayo x2 ($10.00)

Spicy Salmon Avocado ($7.00)

Tonkotsu Hokkaido Classic – Tonkotsu noodle soup topped w/ chasu, kikurage, menma, pickled ginger, sesame, & scallions (15.00)
Additional toppings – Onsen Tamago – Slow poached egg ($2.00), Braised Kakuni – Pork belly ($4.00), Menma Seasoned – Bamboo shoots ($3.00)

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Clemente’s Maryland Crabhouse

Oh no, winter seems as if it’ll never end, but does that mean you can’t enjoy crabs when it’s freezing cold? No need to worry, you can still enjoy a crab overload by the bay, if you can’t wait for the warm season to kick in. There’s always next summer to travel up to Maryland for some intense crab indulgence. Clemente offers two different types of style for you to choose from, traditional old bay seasoning or their own special garlic style. Better yet, you can get both options to try so you can see which one you like more. If you’re in a mood to pig out on unlimited crabs, they also have that option for a fixed price of $33 dollars.

They also have many different types of seafood dishes for you to choose from, which we settled for some calamari and lobster roll. It wasn’t anything too crazy, as there was too much breading covering the calamari. As for the lobster, the roll was very dry and didn’t pair too well with the lobster. On a good note, the deep fried oreo with vanilla ice cream was quite interesting and was finished quickly. Even though, I’m not an oreo or deep fried fan, it went really well together! Don’t forget to come here earlier, as the wait time can be long and it’s also hard to find at night, since it’s literally right next to the bay.


Address: 3939 Emmons Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11235

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Fried Calamari with hot and mild sauce ($12.95)

Angry Lobster Roll – Cold chunks of fresh lobster meat in chipolte remoulad on a fresh potato roll served with French Fries ($18.95)

1 Dozen Crabs – ½ Clemente’s Garlic Style & ½ Traditional Old Bay Seasoning ($29.95)

Deep Fried Oreos ($6.95)

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Cafe Luluc

It’s that time of the year again when leaves are falling and starting to get cold again. For the brunch lovers who just can’t get enough, and rather not wait in the cold, your best option is to go away from the city. Hopefully, you have easy access to transportation such as a car or subway to get you there. It was mu second time enjoying brunch here, which I didn’t have to wait more than 10 minutes. This place sure gets packed, but it always depends on what time you arrive. When we were seated, the first thing I always ask for is lemon with my water. Water is not only good for removing toxins from your body, but keeps your skin nice and healthy, so remember to drink plenty throughout the day!

Their homemade spinach and goat cheese quiche was flavorful and not too overly heavy. The crust was delightful and crunchy as they gave you an extra layer to enjoy. For those of you who had never had quiche, it’s an open faced pastry crust filled with egg custard. It’s the first time I’ve had it before, so I have nothing to compare against, but was light and tasty for me. A popular dish that can never go wrong is the eggs benedict, with the selection of bacon rather than ham. I wasn’t too crazy about their English muffin as it’s slightly more flat and dry compared to other restaurants. The side of sautéed garlic spinach was very tasty, with just the right amount of simple seasoning to top it off. A lot of people had ordered the pancakes, which also looked very yummy. Too bad I couldn’t eat too many pancakes at once and wasn’t really in the mood for them. Overall a cute place with extremely friendly staff, but don’t forget that it’s cash only!

Address: 214 Smith St, Brooklyn, NY 11201

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Homemade Quiche with spinach and goat cheese ($7.50)

Eggs Benedict – Ham or bacon on an English muffin topped with hollandaise sauce ($8.50)

Sautéed Garlic Spinach ($5.00)